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Leary Plant Farm, Inc.
2336 Rocky Hock Road
Edenton, North Carolina 27932

Rod Leary
Jamie Hunt

Karen Boston

Ken Elliott

Tracey Goff

Phone Number: 1-800-583-7050
    Fax Number: 1-252-221-8695
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Item #92985 6 Pack Annual

Item #93394

6 Pack Annual

Item #90707

6 Pack Vegetable Item #93490 4" Strawberry

Item #90042

5" Geraniums
  Pansy   Petunia   Tomatoes

4" Strawberry Red
Mix Blue Beefmaster

Item #53376

4" Accent Plants Pink
Yellow with Blotch Coral Better Boy Asparagus Fern Salmon / Coral
White with Blotch Mix Big Boy Dracaena Spike White
Blue with Blotch Pink Celebrity Glechona Variegata

Item #86882

6" Florist Geraniums
Red with Blotch Red Cherry Ipomoea - Blackie Pink
Pure Yellow Salmon Early Girl Ipomoea - Lime Red
Purple White Superbush Ipomoea - Tricolor Salmon / Coral
Viola Double Mountain Pride Ivy - Yellow Ripple White
Baby Bingo Red & White Stripe Roma Ivy - Green Ritterkreuz Item #52782 18" Window Box
      Portulaca Whopper Lamium - White Nancy

18" Window Box
Item #93394 6 Pack Annual Fuchsia

Item #54828

9 Pack Geranium Lantana - Yellow Mound Item #92874 10" Patio Geranium
  Ageratum Mix Pink Lysimachia - Goldilocks

10" Patio Geranium
Blue White Red Plechtranthus - Candlestick Item #53038 10" Patio NG Impatiens
White Yellow Salmon / Coral Vinca Vine - Variegated

10" Patio NG Impatiens
  Alyssum   Salvia Item #93432 4" Annuals Vinca Vine - Woe Joe Gem Item #90824 12" Color Bowl
Mix Rhea Blue

NEW! Tomatoe TSWV Resistant, Amelia Item #95976 5" New Guinea Impatiens

12" Color Bowl
White Red Begonia

5" New Guinea Impatiens Item #93398 10" Basic Foliage Basket
  Begonia Salmon Celosia Item #95661 5" Fiesta Double Impatiens Spider Plant
Bronze Leaf Pink   Snapdragon Dahlia

5" Fiesta Double Impatiens Wandering Jew
Bronze Leaf Red Dwarf Mix Gazania Item #94002 5" Deluxe Annuals Swedish Ivy
Bronze Leaf White Dwarf Red Hypoestes

Gerbera Daisy Piggyback Plant
Green Leaf Pink Dwarf Yellow Impatiens Mexican Heather Item #10178 10" Deluxe Foliage Basket
Green Leaf Red Rocket Red Petunia Osteospermum Pothos
Green Leaf White Rocket White Portulaca Dwarf Dahlia Asparagus Fern
  Celosia Rocket Yellow Salvia Lantana Sweet Potato Vine
Feather   Verbena Vinca Primrose Lysimachia
Jewel Box Blue Zinnia Scaevola Item #93415 10" Boston Fern Basket
  Coleus Mix Item #93399 4" Seed Geraniums Tapien Verbena

10" Boston Fern Basket
Festive Dance Red Red Pink Temari Verbena Item #90639 10" Basic Flower Basket
Rainbow Mix   Vinca Red Item #93934 6" Basic Annuals Begonia
  Dianthus Pink Salmon / Coral Pansy Coleus
Strawberry Parfait Red White Dusty Miller Dahlia
Picotee Rose Item #93998 4" Herbs Dianthus Combo
White White with Pink Eye Basil Lemon Petunia Gazania
Dusty Miller Zinnia Mix Basil Purple Ruffles Dragon wing Begonia Impatiens

Item #90707

6 Pack Vegetable Basil Sweet Coleus Sun Lover Petunia
Mix   Squash Basil Cinnamon Melampodium Pansy
Hypoestes Yellow Straight Neck Basil Pot Verbena Snapdragon
  Impatiens Yellow Crook Neck Basil Thai Marigold Viola
Orange Cantaloupe Basil Italian Vinca Vinca
Pink   Cucumber Chervil Salvia Item #94004 10" Deluxe Flower Basket
Red Burpless Chives Gazania Combo
Red & White Bush Coriander Zinnia Diascia
Salmon Slice Dill Celosia Dragon Wing Begonia
Violet Okra Horehound Portulacca Fiesta Double impatiens
White Watermelon Lavender Item #7651 5" Wave Petunia Geranium
Lobelia Blue   Peppers Lavender Lady

5" Wave Petunia Ivy Geranium
  Marigold Bell Lemon Balm Item # 5" Double Wave Petunia Lantana
  Small Bloom Cayenne Marjoram

5" Double Wave Petunia Million Bells
Orange Chili Oregano Item #99523 6" Wave Petunia Pentas
Red Habanero Parsley

6" Wave Petunia Perslane
Red / Yellow Bicolor Hot Banana Penny Royal Item #51878 8" Tidal Wave Petunia Nemesia
Yellow Jalapeno Peppermint

8" Tidal Wave Petunia New Guinea Impatiens
  Large Bloom Pimento Spearmint Item #45200 8" Dragon Wing begonia Scaevola
Orange Sweet Banana Rosemary

8" Dragon Wing Begonia Tapien Verbena
Yellow Mucho Nacho Sage Item #51878 8" Summer Annual Temari Verbena

Melampodium Italian Roaster Tarragon Russian 8" Summer Annual Wave Petunia
    Caribbean Red Hot Thyme     Item #84683 10" Fuchsia Hanging Basket
    Golden Bell Watercress 12" Patio Hanger Combo

10" Fuchsia Hanging Basket

12" Coco Liner Combo    


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Edenton, North Carolina 27932